Saturday, August 31, 2013

New cover reveal: I of the Storm

Greetings, everyone! I have something special to share with you today. It has to do with my debut fiction book, I of the Storm, that I self-pubbed last year (the one to your left). It was a novella, but as I was pondering some ideas for book 2, I reread it to remind myself of the details I'd written. In doing so, I decided it had great potential to be a full-length novel. (I tend to write short pieces because I have a short attention span.) So, I sat down one Sunday and started tweaking. Next think I knew, I had fattened it by 20,000 words, which meant 5 new chapters and lots more detail and depth! I elaborated on lots of things I'd want to know if I was a reader and not the author. I'm looking it over once more, and it should be relaunched and republished during this wonderful holiday weekend. I hope you all will give it a chance, and take a peek at the new and improved version.

Now, I will share with you all the book's new face! Are you ready? Enjoy this funny ecard, then keep scrolling.

And here, I present you with the new cover for my book!! 
It kind of helps to be married to a talented graphic designer. He did a superb job on Storm's face lift. =)  

Being struck by lightning as a child sets Kira on an adventurous path of discovery. The "shocking" accident changes her forever, creating a secret door in her mind that gives her second-sight. Feeling as though she is stalked by death, her childhood is plagued with spooks and mysterious encounters. As she enters adulthood in the arms of an abusive husband, her life becomes a riveting series of events after pregnancy unlocks that door and connects her to yet another realm of existence. Her guiding light is the supernatural as she begins to have visions that lead her through some spine-tingling revelations about her husband, the man whose cruelty she endures and whose rigorous rules she obediently follows … until the day she makes the ultimate discovery. He’s not just Mr. Wrong; he’s something much worse. Kira must decipher her visions before it’s too late.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book review: Murder with a Touch of Spice by Gloria Hander Lyons

Hey, everyone! I've been a reading maniac lately, and here's another one I finished in about 2 days while I took a short break from my recent Stephen King obsession. The author is a very talented lady who has published about 20 books under the self-help category. This is her debut fiction novel.

SynopsisCome along for a spicy ride on a journey filled with murder, kidnapping, car chases, gun battles and explosions. It all begins when socialite, Maybelle Jamison, is stabbed and goes tumbling down the grand staircase at an elegant hotel in Clearwater, TX, picking off wedding consultant, Ginger McCormick, like a spare pin in a bowling alley. Since Ginger is the last person to see Maybelle alive, her husband, Mace, and their four adult daughters, Sage, Cinnamon, Pepper and Curry must find the real killer before Sheriff Jason Winters throws Ginger in jail. It’s Murder with a Touch of Spice—six spices to be exact—a cozy mystery novel that’s sometimes funny and sometimes intense, but spicy through and through.

This was such a pleasant read! The story was non-stop action. It was a well-balanced mix of humor, drama, suspense, action/adventure, and a dash of romance (which is normally all I can handle). I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I just couldn't turn the pages fast enough. 

The Spice Sisters are close-knit, and I enjoyed the way the author developed each character. This feisty group of sisters was unique, but each lovely lady was equally as witty and clever. The dad seemed like a big softy, which was a a nice effect to balance out the fiery mom and daughters. Ginger, their mom, was in the wrong place at the wrong time, she ended up wrapped in a murder case with terrorist arms dealers plotting to murder her because they thought she new too much. She was knocked down a flight of stairs alongside another lady, Maybelle, who had gotten herself into a heap of trouble after confronting these guys. 

The daughters didn't wait for the police to oversee this case. Nope. This was their MOM, so they took charge, divided, and conquered! They seemed to take over the city, and every time I thought the action was over, a building would blow up or a car chase would ensue. This book reminded me of watching one of those fun made-for-TV movies on the Family Channel or ABC or better yet, an episode of Matlock. I highly encourage you to read this book. It's just too good to pass up. 

To learn more about the author, check out her website! Lots of good stuff there. 

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Book review: Miss Scandalous (Shaw Family Saga - book 2) by Nicole Dunlap

Have I seriously not blogged since June 5? Wow. (Shocked at myself) But I assure you it's because I've been one busy gal. I needed a brain break from book writing, so I started writing articles and sending them to various publications. I had one accepted by a big-name book series, which I will share with you fully once I have all the details and the deal is officially locked down (meaning, I've signed the acceptance papers and know it's for real). I've also been penning some other story ideas that have been racing around my mind like NASCAR. Lots to come, so stay with me! But, for now, let me share with you one hell of a book. 

I was given a copy of this book by the author for a review.

Here is the synopsisA mother’s love vs. A daughter’s revenge. Charlene Shaw has gone through hell. She was raped and left for dead, yet she continued on her quest for fame. She’s a beautiful, desired actress who has found her Mr. Wright. According to the magazine headlines, her life is perfect. There’s just one thing her heart cries for…her daughter, Raven. This might be her hardest challenge yet–building the mother-daughter bond she’s prayed so hard for.

Raven Shaw has been abandoned by love. Her mom preferred Hollywood and her childhood best-friend, now ex-lover, disappeared when she became pregnant. Now, she’s adjusted to a “new” kind of love…motherhood. She’s determined that her daughter will have everything she didn’t. The only thing she wants for herself is revenge, even if it means disconnecting from a small piece of her heart that still cares. Raven’s acts of rage slither into her mindset, overpowering her in the form of nightmares and delusions of skeletons long dead.

After Raven’s scandalous ways, can Charlene mend Raven’s heart or will she be pulled down into the abyss? And then, there’s always the option, Charlene can get a little scandalous too… 

This is book 2, so in case you missed the first in the series, check out my review of Miss Nobody 

I have known some family drama and turmoil in my life, but this is beyond my comprehension, which makes it a great story. I felt like I was hiding around corners, peeping in on all this family's scandals. If you haven't read the first book, I warn you that there will be spoilers in this review. If you don't plan on reading the first book, at least read my review of it before proceeding.