Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Productivity - A nice change

Hey peeps! As I shut down for the day, I'm quite proud of how many chores I tackled today.

First off, I've been an editing maniac at work with two huge book projects. I was saved today by a deadline moving out to the end of the month. Talk about an exhale moment. Whew! Either way, I heart my work, so I'm in a career happy place.

I tried a new eatery today at lunch with my hubby called Sudie's Catfish & Seafood. Neither one of us got seafood, but that's OK. We like to be different. The food was excellent. I forgot to get a pic, which is weird! I always take food pics, so that should tell you how much I was starving. One thing I didn't like was the self-seating. I know, I know. It's a bonus for most people, but it reminded me too much of getting on the crowded school bus as a kid, scared out of my mind, trying to find a seat next to someone who didn't look intimidating.

As you all probably know (from my fb page), I had a story accepted by Chicken Soup for the Soul, and I got the final notice today that the book it will be in comes out in stores Oct. 29. I'm very excited about that. It's been a long time since I had work published outside of my day job and self-pubbing. All writers will agree, I'm sure, that this kind of thing gives one a great and well-needed boost of confidence. Rejection letters come far too often, so an acceptance was long overdue.

I completed a FAFSA application for my college kid this evening. That thing is tedious but so worth it! We've been emptying our piggy banks to pay his tuition these first couple semesters. The help would be nice. Now, I need to look for more grants and scholarships to apply for. If any of you have been down this route and can offer some advice, I'm all eyes and ears.

Just got off the phone with Createspace, trying to troubleshoot a book file issue. I forgot to add page numbers, duhh! And I was trying to delete my old book file, and guess what (in case you didn't know already). You can't! Once you put a book on Createspace and it goes on the market, it can never be deleted, something about 3rd party buyers. You can "retire" it for the most part, but technically, it's still out there. Grrr. I'm not liking that but makes no sense to stress something I can't change. I guess I should have done it right the first time. At least I learned how to edit the file that is still pending. Bright side.

See what a productive day I had? I'm amazed because it's been quite the opposite for a while. Now I will read a little before knocking out for the night! I made it to book 4 of King's Dark Tower series.