Monday, November 11, 2013


First of all, happy Veteran's Day!

I'm in another writing slump, but it's weird. It isn't writer's block, because the story ideas keep flowing! My problem is that I can start a story, then I get stuck after about 3,000-5,000 words. And other times, I can write the ending, but I struggle with the start and middle. This isn't always the case, so I've decided to redirect for a while. Writers are passionate people who tend to go on overdrive more often than not.

I also decided not to attempt NaNoWriMo this year while I'm in this mode of no productivity. I'd only be setting myself up to feel like a failure. But I do hope those of you who are in it full swing are doing well!

Before I let myself burn out, I'm enjoying my almost-finished four-day weekend by doing things other than writing. So far, I've watched the following 5 movies:


Movie watching can be quite inspiring in thinking a whole story through, considering that's my problem. So I'd say it was very therapeutic (and fun). Yay, Netflix! In a few hours, I'm going to add Star Wars episode 3 to that list.

Yesterday, I watched an entire marathon of CSI: Miami until it started to repeat the episodes. That show is completely ridiculous and predictable to me, but I still watch it! Something about it is just addicting, and sucks me in. It's rare that I cannot predict an ending. I guess I just like things that are far from reality.

No matter what profession or hobby you're enthralled in, I believe it's perfectly OK to take a break from it sometimes. I find that it actually helps boost my enthusiasm and concentration once I get back to working on a story. Another thing I like to do during my writing hiatus is to read. Talk about inspiration! I'm still trying to finish book 4 of Stephen King's Dark Tower series, Wizard and Glass, but it's going a bit slow. And I MUST read Ender's Game before I see the movie. That book may have to get bumped to the top of the To-Read list.

Now, off to do some laundry, some reading, and enjoy my final day off before it's back to the daily grind tomorrow!

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