Saturday, January 18, 2014

2014: No resolutions, just solutions

Well, a belated happy new year to all since this is my first post of 2014.

I've been a busy gal! I have high hopes for this year. And I don't believe in resolutions because they always conflict with my personality trait of hating rules. I like to live day by day, letting my mood and the vibes I'm feeling dictate how things go. One thing I have aspired to change this year is the number of minutes/hours I spend on social media. While most people I know spend oodles of time on there either posting their life away, promoting their books or services, and reading others' ramblings, I realized I waste way too much time doing the latter of those instead of writing. I stopped enjoying social media about 6 months ago, and it's just steadily getting worse. So I needed to jump ship.

While I am very proud of my book (look to the left), promoting it non-stop has hindered my level of productivity. I'm one-track minded, so it's high time I fixated on the next project. To attempt an increase in output for 2014, I've done or undone the following:

  • I deactivated my regular facebook account but kept my business page (feel free to click the 'like' button up top) because it served a greater purpose than despising my own news feed day-in, day-out and not enjoying the fb experience. At least with the biz page, I can keep it focused on my interests and create a news feed to suit. I can like or unlike pages as I please without worrying whose feelings I will hurt if I unfriend folks. Plus, I was seeing too many things I just didn't care to know about people. Might come back one day, but not until 2015, if I can help it.  

  • I sent off my first query letter of the year! Actually, first one ever. I have been so stuck in the self-publishing bubble, that I joined the hateration of fellow self-pubbers who bash the traditional publishing industry. Here's my take on it. Not everyone is a million-dollar seller, whether self-published or traditional, but we tend to forget all about the in-between. I wouldn't mind making an income in the 4-digit range each month. That would certainly help me send my son to his university of choice and pay off my bills. I had little to no noteworthy success in self-publishing thus far, so I'm dipping my toes in the other world. I mean, why not. I have nothing to lose but much to gain, and I'd like a taste of both worlds. 
  • I have 57 Word documents of stories I started and need to finish, and WILL finish! Every time I have a story idea, I either write it down in the notebook I carry around with me or type up a synopsis in a new Word document if I happen to be sitting at my computer at the time. 
  • I finished watching all 3 seasons of Star Trek (The original series), which I began in Dec. and already read 2 books this year (Dark Summer, by Iris Johansen, and The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury). It's amazing how reading and watching things that interest me help to keep my own creativity flowing. No matter what you read or watch, always remember, that is someone's hard work that came full circle! And it would not have happened if they didn't keep trying and trying. 
  • Hang on to journalism. I started my professional career back in 2007 post-grad as a journalist. That was my first love, and I plan to start submitting more of such pieces to publications under that
    umbrella. While I've been wooed by fiction writing, I don't want to lose my journalist hat. It is still very dear to me. 
Happy reading and writing!

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