Friday, August 28, 2015

The Paper flower chronicles: phase 1 - practice, practice, practice

What happens when yours truly shamefully neglects book blogging for a year? This!

During some recent months of family crises, work stress, rejection-letter overload, and losing-my-mind moments, I found a new thrilling purpose for book pages and a new way to feel productive. At first, it really hurt me to do this because I am so in love with books, but I go on these occasional book-buying binges and always end up with more than one copy of a Star Trek novel. (My impulse buying normally includes a multitude of those.) I didn't want to go return a $1 used book, so I searched for crafty ideas and discovered I am pretty good at making paper flowers. Not only book-page flowers but card stock and other materials. I've gotten better since this photo, but I wanted to show you where it all began. I mean, what better decor for a book lover's house, right? It's lots of fun and stress relieving, which is essential for . I don't see it as destroying an old book, but rather giving it a whole new reason to live. Like I said, I struggled with this for a long time before I could bring myself to tear out those pages.

I also needed a reading/writing break. I was getting overwhelmed.

But none of this means I haven't been been reading. I've actually been reading less fiction and more non-fic on the craft of writing. Let's just say, Writer's Digest had a sale, and I went nuts.

Anyway, here are a few more lovelies from my new hobby. The top one I used as a gift box bow, in lieu of the traditional style bows you get at the store. I decided I am going to always create my own bow style for gifts from now on. The bottom one is a paper flower wreath.

And these are card stock roses. Since I seem to hate free time, I started an Etsy store, and now I'm in the mass production phase, hence the lapse in blogging.

Here's my most recent flower, made this morning.

My current read-in-progress is The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury. I'm about a third finished. So I'll let you know how that one ends up.

A happy productive Friday to all.


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